If I could just describe this weekend, it would be MISERABLE*. Miserably sick.

*Please Note: As a woman, (shut up…I am so a woman.  Just a woman who likes show tunes) I fall prey to the same conditions that do all women.  I turn into a big, whiny crybaby when I’m sick.  As a result, the rest of this blog post should be read taking into account my sickness-induced whiny crybaby state which differs from my regular whiny crybaby state only in degree.

When I was young, I used to get sick all the time.  Especially when there was a season change.  As I have grown older, I’ve stopped getting sick so frequently.  In fact, I often go a year or two without getting sick.  I drink about 12 gallons of water a day, so it’s not uncommon for me to go to the restroom 6 or 7 times every single day at work, after which I wash my hands, so my hands are usually quite clean.

It’s always rainy and cold in July and stays nice through October  Anyway, the sudden change of weather doesn’t really bother me much anymore, but this time, I got that sore throat thing going on.  You know the kind where it just feels like you slept with your mouth open for too long?  Since I’m a mouth breather, I feel that almost every morning, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Well, on Friday, I had that same sore throat feeling I’d been experiencing for two weeks plus a bad headache that lasted the whole day.  I was at work till 5pm…  At about 5:10, all of a sudden, it felt as if someone had just instantly drained me of all energy.  My neck started to hurt.  I left and went home.  By 9:30, I was done.  D. U. N

I took a hot shower, and I went to bed at 10PM–an absolutely unheard of bedtime for me.  I don’t think I slept for more than 45 minutes at a time all night.  I woke up over and over again: Too hot, too cold, my head pounding, my sight dim, had to pee, needed a drink, why the hell isn’t my “Nitetime(sic) Sleep Aid” working.  I got up and slept on the sofa in the living room, then went back to bed.  I spent 30 minutes on the floor of the bathroom thinking I might throw up.  (I did dry heave a little bit, but seeing as how I hadn’t eaten anything for 11 hours by that point, there wasn’t much to throw up.)

And that was the motif to my entire weekend.  No sleep at night, trying to take naps during the day, barely enough energy to walk outside. I went to Karen Hospital though on Saturday and I got drugs…..they make me drowsy and I can’t lift my head!

There are really only two reasons I haven’t been whining more: a) Leroy, my son doesn’t understand my whining, but he has been doing simple work like refilling my water glass every 20 minutes and b) it hurts to talk.  And what really sucks is that I am supposed to attend my Arabic friend’s wedding this coming weekend.  So, dammit, I need to get better and I need to get better now.

I know I’ve said this before but I’d like to reiterate.  Mum, I seriously do not know how to survive when you’re sick.  I barely have the energy to get up and open the door or walk out.  How do you continue to cook, clean, nurture, and support your family.  You’re my hero.  Because I can’t do it.

I could whine, though.  That’s helpful, right? Please remember me in your prayers good friends, I still feel bad..and please try and talk in low tones when you call me, my head aches prefer whispers or 2% volume.

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