My 4 year old little muchkin and baby love sang me the usual birthday song today…with the little voice, I felt so loved…I adore this boy.

Anyway, since it is my birthday today, really, I think I should be able to write about whatever I want to. In return, you should be able to skip over this if you need to.  No hard feelings, I am feeling very generous today.

Also if you are new to my blog, you might find reasons to gel with me – or not! You decide.

1. I am a speed reader – don’t ask me how I learned to do it, I don’t know. I can breeze through 3 books in a week. I am not joking.

2. I am extremely bad at giving directions – I am particularly bad figuring them out. Suffice to say that I always get a panic attack at the prospect of driving to a new place.

3. I am a coffee drinker. Tea is ok but coffee is something I cannot live without. I have to have it in my own special mug only. The mug will be promptly replaced in case anything bad happens to it. Worse things will happen to those who wish ill upon it.

4. I adore perfumes. I love sniffing them – not on people of course. One of my favourite things to do is to go down to the perfume section of the local department store and spend some time there sniffing the new arrivals. I drive sales staff crazy because I know more than them, and also because I never buy them in the store. I always order them online. I own about 20 full and half sized perfume bottles…I keep half bottles of the perfumes that i really love and stop using them when they get halfway….just to keep sniffing them.

5. I have ADHD type traits. I get very focused when it comes to my projects. When something catches my eye, my whole world starts to revolve around it. I read up everything on it and like to become something of a expert on it.

6. I am a minimalist at heart. I feel that it’s more than enough with my crazy busy mind with ideas buzzing all day long. I don’t want to add to the clutter by having too much stuff around me. Too much stuff means too much time cleaning, organizing and just keeping track of it all. I’d rather be spending that time reading, learning and having fun with friends and family.

7. I am really bad at making small talk. I would do almost anything to avoid it. Things like avoid making eye contact, pretending to be deaf, suddenly remembering to look for something in my bad, suddenly remembering to rush to something are things that seem very normal to me.

8. Most of the time, when I read self help blogs, I end up getting even more anxious and depressed about 72 more things that I should be doing in my life. What is the whole point of reading these blogs again?

9. Courtesy of my son, I have watched almost every single episode of Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien force and Ben 10: Alien force, 15 times over. I know what omnitrix and ultimatrix are. (I have them at home). All merchandise of Ben 10 is available in my house, in all shapes or forms, clothes, bags, watches, shoes, stationary, figurines, bikes, if you can name it, we have got it. I can identify Echo Echo, Humungosaur, Jetray, Spidermonkey among others. It’s sad really.

10. I am addicted to Gray’s Anatomy. Enough said.

11. I am a foodaholic. Meaning, I l OVE food.

12. I am a pretty good dancer. My friends will vouch for that. But dancing is one of the things I would have liked to learn properly. Some day.

13. For a woman, I own a ridiculous number of shoes. Ridiculously more that is. Last I counted seventy something. That’s it. I just find myself buying more.

14. I am not a phone person. Come to think of it, neither am I a text person. Most times I even forget to charge my mobile. Once I did spend about one hour on the phone though, talking to my bff. I was going through a bad time and she had nothing else to do.

15. I love good clothes, good shoes, good hair; I admire powerful, beautiful, intelligent women… I am one of them.

16. I want to change the world.

17. I did not revise this post at all, writing this gold in one go.  I will admit to running the spell-check though.

Now, what I would love from you, my dear reader, on my birthday – a comment. Tell me something fascinating about yourself? Tell me what makes you tick, tell me what you hope to gain from reading my blog.


  1. Happy Birthday Love, you are the sweetest person i know. My love for you runs deep.
    I must confess that i am a poor reader. I don’t read unless i have an exam or an interview. But for some reason i always find myself reading your blog posts. I love your writing style…. quite captivating, inspiring and interesting. I guess it is also because i love fashion. I don’t trust my writing that much; so let’s just say i perfect my language through your posts somehow. I also visit this blog because it is all about the truth. Very few people can comfortably tell the whole world how they feel; hence i find it authentic.
    aiity… over to what makes me tick. I believe i am this multi-talented person. I am a singer, dancer, photographer, artist, voice-talent, fashion designer and a cook. I think that’s what makes me tick.
    Something fascinating about me is that i compress a whole semester into one night… thanks to the person who discovered EXAMS!

    Enjoy your birthday hun!


    1. Thank you girlie….i know you are my biggest fan for sure! I know you are a good writer too, don’t ask me how i know…i have seen your writing before…Thanks for having my back…i love u so.


  2. Happy birthday Ruby! That sounds more like the Ruby I know. Something about myself. I give maximum attention to everything that I engage in such that I tend to be slow. Hehe! I bet u dint know that. Big up abt the blog!


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