PRAYER for 2018

In 2018, may all the people that we love dearly be happy, be comfortable, be successful, be healthy and be blessed. May they not lack. And when they do, May we be there to provide for them that which they lack.

May we (finally be able to) forgive those who wronged us, and may those who we wronged (finally be able to) forgive us. And may we also (finally be able to) forgive ourselves for hurting them.

May we (finally) heal from the pain of losing loved ones, broken friendships and failed relationships, and find the strength to move on. And when the heaviness in our hearts become too much for us to bear, may we always have a ready shoulder to cry on.

May we make lasting friendships and find genuine love. May we grow and learn from our mistakes, or those of others. May we be quick to understand and slow to judge. May we be able to break free from all the things that enchain us. And may most (or all) of our dreams come true.

May we love each other regardless of our ethnic backgrounds. Or political affiliations. Or religion. Or whatever.

May our troubled souls (finally) find rest. May our pressing questions (finally) find answers. May our efforts (finally) bear fruits. May our lives (finally) have meaning.

Happy New Year peeps.