You could handle it right now. Maybe not with all of the élan that you imagine under ideal circumstances. Maybe it wouldn’t be noble or romantic or self-sacrificing and maybe you’d lose sleep and cry the whole night and die a little and drink too much and yell about the terrible timing, but you’d cope. You’d do it. You’d accommodate, adapt, make changes, furiously edit your life and brain down to the basics. You would.

You don’t even have to do it. It’s about knowing that if you had to, you could. It’s about believing that if you had to learn to swim in two weeks even though you’ve been afraid of water since 1990something or you met The One on the bus an hour after being horribly dumped or your tax return gets audited while you’re in the middle of a move and you can’t remember which one of the 103 boxes your documents are in, that you’d find a way to make it work. Believing that you’d get through isn’t daring life to hit you with its best shot. Instead, it’s not selling yourself short, not doubting your capacity to deal, not worrying about locating the radar and getting as far under it as possible and praying you can just scrape by without the universe singling you out for special treatment.

If push came to shove, you’d push back. Yes, even right now. You would.